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Welcome at my shack

Welcome at my shack. I'm a proud owner of 4 HF-Transceiver:
  • FT-897D (my first one)
  • TS-930S
  • FT-1000MP
  • FT-1000D (my Lowband-Radio)
  • These Transceivers are doing a great job. But... I moved to Ilmenau now (QTH of DF0HQ) and the hirer promised that I can set up a antenna. Several days after signing the rent contract I got the information that they just had a briefing where this idiots agreed about my antenna - I'm not allowed to set it up. Great, isn't it? I hate these bastards. It's impossible to move into another flat because I had to pay a caution of more than 1000Eur and will get it back 6 month after leaving the flat. And now I've already put too much money into my new flat.... what a pity.
    Anyway, I got QRV, although they said I'm not allowed to set up any fixed antenna at my balcony. I don't really care about that. So I tried several mobile-antennas, for example the well-known outbacker, a ProAm mobile monobander for 20m and a Cushcraft monobander for 15m. These all worked quiet fine, but it's not comparable with my former full-size antennas. After a few weeks of testing these antennas I decided to make my own. I bought two aluminium tubes, each 1,5m long and put them together as a telescopic pole. I added a capacitance-hat, consists of two wires, 2m each. This shape of antenna I fixed to the balcony-railing and connected 5 radials, about 5m each, and turned them on my 3mx2m balcony. The resonance-freq is on 21,112 - So I could work on 15m without a tuner. But I match this antenna with my MFJ-971 on every band, even on 80m! I was able to work all continents with it on 40m-10m during the last weeks, so it seems to work better than expected. Maybe I'll add a big loading-coil at the feed-point for getting resonance without a tuner and reduce the coax-loss. But at the moment I'm lucky with it :-). You see - even in a small department at the 6th floor in the middle of a city it's possible to get QRV.
    For DX on 80m I throw out a 30m wire from my balcony and knot it on a tree in front of the house. The QRM is terrible, but I was able to work some carribeans and north americans there as well :-). The drawback is that I've to remove it straight after operating, because the risk of beeing denounced is too high.
    Back to the shack: For Telegraphy I'm using several paddles: a LTA squeeze paddle and a MFJ-564 (squeeze) (I used these keys in first years of my radio career, but now I'm too lazy to put them away from my desk :-)). For QSOs and high speed practice I use an Kent Single Lever and, my favourite key, Begalis HST (single lever, too). My keyers are: MFJ-407D and ETM-9COG.

    here I'm testing my new Begali HST key

    my antenna: